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P&DARCS Closed due to Victorian Government COVID Rules

Terms & Conditions for Club Attendees

Covid-19 Restrictions From July 12 2021

(Updated 9 Nov 20 to remove 25 Kms restriction)

(Updated 26 Nov 20 to remove no visitors policy)

(Updated 12 July 21 to reflect current rules)


1. Introduction

The Victorian government has relaxed Covid-19 Social Gathering restrictions for outdoor sporting activities.
P&DARCS has implemented the following procedures.
The operation of these procedures will be reviewed, and updated as necessary

2. Practical implications of Covid-19 Restrictions

Who can go to the flying field

All members of P&DARCS are welcome to attend the field provided they conform to the regulations. Members have a responsibility to respect the rights of other members. In this regard, members who are unwell, especially those who have Covid-19 symptoms or other flu / common cold like symptoms shall not go to the field.

All persons attending the field MUST sign sign in using the QR Code.

Number of people present

To help the club organise and monitor flying activities the following procedure shall apply. (The committee will monitor how well this procedure works and make changes if necessary.)

  1. Members are required to “Sign On” via QR Code.
  2. Those members locking/unlocking the gate or club room must use appropriate hand sanitisation.

 Maintaining social distance

  1. Members must maintain the social distance of at least 1.5m.
  2. An acceptable type of Face Mask must carried at all times.
  3. An acceptable type of Face Mask must be worn when a social distance of 1.5M cannot be maintained.
  4. Members should avoid making bodily contact, e.g. no hand shaking, high fives, etc.

When setting out models / equipment in the Pit Area members must allow sufficient space between their models / equipment and adjacent models / equipment so that people can move around the Pit Area and still maintain at least the required 1.5m separation.

Only pilots may be present in the pilot area and must maintain the required separation at all times. If a pilot wishes to have a “helper” then this person must maintain at least 1.5m separation by standing behind the pilot or to the side. Pilots waiting to fly have precedence to use pilot area over “helpers”.


Access to facilities

The Club House may be used subject to the the rules outlined here
Members are encouraged to bring their own chairs and tables. Members must take all their equipment, tables, chairs, etc., home at the end of the session.
No private equipment is to be left, or stored at the field.
If member use club chairs and tables, they must sanitise them prior to and after use.

Hand washing and sanitizing

Hand washing basins are located in the toilets
While at field, members should wash their hands as frequently as they think is needed.
It is highly recommended that members bring a small towel for their own personal use.
Members shall bring their own liquid hand sanitiser for personal use as necessary.


Supervision and Compliance

All members are individually responsible to adhere to these procedures.
If any member feels that there is a compliance issue, they should refer the matter directly to the President or Secretary rather than causing a confrontation with other members at the field.


Upcoming Events

2 Oct
Club Meeting & Coop AGM
02 Oct (Sat) 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
21 Oct
Committee Meeting
21 Oct (Thu) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
6 Nov
Club Meeting
06 Nov (Sat) 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
7 Nov
[Cancelled] P&DARCS Scratch / Kit Built Scale Rally
07 Nov (Sun)
18 Nov
Committee Meeting
18 Nov (Thu) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm