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Mosquito in Action during WWII

Filmed by Mosquito navigator Mr. Brian Harris DFC in Aug 1944 at 627 Squadron.
Please check out our other Mosquito videos on our You Tube channel.

The de Havilland Mosquito was one of the all time classic aircraft of WWII. Made almost entirely of wood, the Mosquito thus avoided a dependence upon strategic metals, and made use of the skills of Britain's hugh woodworking industry.
Endowed with exceptional high performance by its two Rolls Royce Merlins and clean aerodynamics, it was conceived both as an unarmed reconnaissance aircraft and bomber with a speed that would enable it to escape interception. First flow on November 25, 1940, it first entered operational service in the reconnaissance role as the Mosquito PR Mark 1 with a daylight sortie over France on September 20, 1941.
Production of all Mosquitos totaled 7,781, including 1,117 built in Canada and 228 in Australia.
These Mosquito scenes are from our "RCAF/RAF Aircraft at War" DVD available at More Mosquito video clips available from aviationvideosdvd on youtube.


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