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How Do They Do It: Jet Engines

How they make Rolls Royce jet turbine engines



Deans Connector Alert

I regularly use Deans knock-off connectors, most of the time they're actually better than a genuine Deans because the ribbed body makes them easier to pull apart.

To date I've usually bought them from HobbyKing but when they were out of stock, I opted to buy from and this is what I got in the mail this week.

I've bought other stuff from in the past which has been of reasonable quality and I can't complain about the speed of processing or dispatch, so perhaps this is just a bad batch -- but be warned, if you're looking to buy the same product, it might pay to find another source -- at least for the time being.



Lynx Helicopter Operating Limit Development

Prism Defence ( specialise in Ship Helicopter Integration, and provides a wide range of services within this realm.

In particular, Prism are responsible for the development of Ship Helicopter Operating Limits. This involves safely taking the helicopter to the edge of the envelope; that is, the point at which more extreme conditions would make the aircraft unsafe to fly.

The limits are based on a combination of environmental factors and ship motion. Operating helicopters onboard ships is extremely complex, due in part to the difficulty of landing a helicopter on a moving platform, but also due to numerous practical engineering issues.

This video shows a landing conducted by a Prism Defence Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer during development of Ship Helicopter Operating Limits for the Lynx Mark 90B helicopter onboard the KNUD RASMUSSEN class Offshore Patrol Vessel.

For more information please visit



How It's made - Airplane Propellers

How it's Made  701 - Airplane Propellers.



How to sand an RC Airplane Wing

If you are new to building rc airplanes and are stuck on how to sand the wing without altering the shape of the wing, then you will want to watch this video that discusses proper sanding techniques for rc airplane building and how to select sanding blocks for sanding balsa and plywood parts for your radio control airplane.



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