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Jet World Masters 2013

 Jet World Masters 2013


This is an incredible video on building a F16 for the Jet World Master

Link provided by Geoff Lowery

Asiana Flt 214 Reconstruction

It is a miracle that more were not killed in this landing.

This provides a true understanding of how low the aircraft was in relation to the glide slope. Computer generations help to reconstruct aircraft accidents.

 Light blue ghosted plane is where he was supposed to be.


Submitted by Alan Foley


Steam Powered Box Factory

Steam Powered Box Factory


This clip has nothing to do with planes, but it's interesting

Phillips Brothers all Steam Powered Box Factory founded in 1897 and listed in the National Register of Historic places.

It's a long clip, but it's worth looking at.

Quad copter hover plane test flight at NASA

Testing a Quad Copter / Bixler combo aircraft at NASA Ames

Submitted by Andrew Mysliborski


Giant Scale RC Avro Vulcan XH558 / Hunter / YAK - LMA at RAF Cosford – 2013

Giant Scale RC Avro Vulcan XH558 / Hunter / YAK - LMA at RAF Cosford – 2013


Link courtesy of Geoff Lowery


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