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Caribou Maiden Flight

DHC-4 Caribou, Maiden Flight

Today 2/2/20 Dave Chivers did the maiden flight of his Caribou. A very windy day for pilot and cameraman

Video courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski


Cierva Maiden Flight

Cierva Maiden Flight

Video of successful maiden flight of Alan Foley's C-30 Cierva gyrocopter. Build from great laser cut kit from "ASTIK MODELS" of Latvia.

Video by Andrew Mysliborski


Video's from Above Feb-Mar17

Video's from Above

We have 2 great video's taken from Drone's recently. One by Paul Webber & another by Andrew Mysliborski

Paul's video was taken on the 5th March just as we were setting up for the VPA All Stars


Andrew's Video was taken on the 24th February when the Westernport Drifters visited P&DARCS


Thanks to both of them for great video's



Fly Attack

Fly Attack

Alan Foley was minding his own business piloting his new fly, when out of nowhere he came under attack.

Video created by Andrew Mysliborski


B36 Maiden Flight

B36 Maiden Flight

Today, 13 October 2018 the B36 of Ivan & Kevin Chiselett & Andrew Smallridge with help from Paul Somerville had it's maiden flight. In fact it was so good, it had two flights. Pilot's for this were Dave Law and Neil Addicott

Some issues were discovered with the motor's surging which needs resolving before it takes to the air again, but two great flights.

Please click on an image to view more photos.

  • Photos courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski


Video production by Alan Foley, drone shots by Andrew Mysliborski

Canberra Scale Rally 2014 by Roly

Canberra Scale Rally by Roly

Last week (29-30th Nov) I attended the CMAC Scale rally on my way back from Sydney where I visited Toby and Liesel. The flying facilities are simply superb and a credit to the guys up there. Check out the video clip to see what I talking about. Just the starting up and taxiing to the take off point are a heap of fun. Please also note one of the myths of hard runways being demolished, "you need brakes on your model otherwise you'll never stop!"


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