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Opening of Clubrooms

Opening of Clubrooms

The opening of our clubrooms has been a consideration for some time. As covid restriction are likely to be part of our lives for many more months in the future we have consider how to open and still be able to comply with the required regulations. As a volunteer organisation we don’t have paid staff to be responsible for the regular cleaning and sanitising that is required. To be able to open, members that wish to use the facilities will need to undertake the necessary requirements themselves. This includes cleaning, sanitising, physical separation and maintaining crowd limits.

As of the 24TH December 2020 the clubroom will be able to be opened
under the following strict conditions.

All members are to sign in using the log book located in the Hay shed charging station.

An additional Log book in the clubroom to be signed by the persons taking responsibility for opening the clubrooms and maintaining compliance to the Government Regulations relating to use of the clubrooms.

Maximum capacity of the clubrooms is 10 people based on the 4sq m rule for facilities that use a manual sign in procedure.

If a member of the club requested permission to use the clubrooms for a special session they must apply to the Secretary for permission. He/she or a nominated person is responsible to ensure that the necessary cleaning and sanitising in accordance to the Government requirements was carried out and other relevant conditions were complied with depending on the regulations at the time. And ensure that the clubrooms are left clean, tidy and locked.

On normal club days: -
The first person that enters the clubroom and leaves the room open is responsible to clean and sanitise the room to the appropriate Government standard. If that person leaves then the responsibility must be passed on to someone else present or the clubrooms cleaned and locked.
Everyone that uses the clubroom is responsible to clean up after themselves and that includes not leaving wet rings on the tables and not leaving any mess behind at all.
Cleaning and sanitizing requires using a detergent and then a disinfectant on all surfaces and bench tops, doors and door handles, coin mechanisms on drink machines, tap handles, chairs etc.

Food Handling Requirements for example for a sausage sizzle: -

  • All areas to be handled by only one person with no rotation to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.
  • Cooking (single person use of utensils)
  • One person preparing bread on to serviettes using gloves.  (No multiple persons helping themselves to the bread)
  • One person serving the sausages (No other persons helping themselves to the food from the serving area or from the grill with multiple people using the utensils)
  • Condiments only being used by one person or sauce satchels could be purchased.

Failure to fully comply with these conditions or a breakout of covid in the Melbourne metropolitan area, would force the Committee to close the Club Rooms again until the Government Regulations are relaxed enough for them to be open.

Ivan Chiselett

P&DARCS Secretary

Update from Club Secretary - 1 November 2020

Update from Club Secretary - 1 November 2020


Good afternoon members.


As noted in the recent VMAA e-mail that was sent to all VMAA Affiliates more than 10 people can be at a facility if each group can maintain a reasonable distance from each other & groups must be limited to ten people.


All the other Government regulations/guidelines must be followed, eg living within 25K of the field, face masks, social distancing, not congregating in groups etc. Please ensure that you are aware of these by reading the Government web site and publications.

The Club Rooms must remain closed. The attendance register must continue to be used to ensure that we have traceability should there be an infection.

Ivan Chiselett



Please note: As of 9th November, the 25Km rule was removed.

Update from Club Secretary - 27 October

 Update from Club Secretary - 27 October 2020


Good evening Members.


As you would have seen from the email sent by the VMAA, the 2 household limit has been removed from tonight. Now a maximum of 10 people are allowed at the field. All other restrictions like booking via the Club website, travelling no more than 25Kms, social distancing, mask wearing & completing the sign in register remain.

Ivan Chiselett

P&DARCS Secretary



Club PC Replacement

Club PC Replacement

A new PC has now been purchased & installed. Webcams & weather station are back online.



23/10 - Order placed for PC - ETA 2 weeks.

13/11 - PC received from supplier & will now be configured. Aim is to install at club on the 18/11 & return to normal operations. Once that is done will investigate Webcam issue prior to PC crashing.

18/11 - New computer installed & webcams & weather station back online.

19/11 - There was an issue with one of the webcams, the Bay 13 Cam. This has now decided to start working again. This will need to be investigated further & may go offline again.


Daniel, P&DARCS Webmaster


Update from Club Secretary - 18 October

 Update from Club Secretary - 18 October 2020


Good evening Members.


The Government released relaxed COVID-19 restrictions which are applicable as from Monday October 19.


The new regulations are similar to those in place previously with a couple of changes. The major change is that only those who reside with 25Kms of the field will be permitted to attend the field. Also there is a restriction limiting groups gathering to no more than 2 persons, with a maximum of 10 people at the field.

Please note: No more than 10 people at a time from no more than two households (not 10 individual people from 10 different households)


Please go to the Club web site to see the full details of how the field will operate under the revised Government regulations and how our field will operate. The Club web site booking system will again be the vehicle to control the numbers accessing to the field.


It is every members responsibility to conform to all the regulations and requirements for using the P&DARCS Flying Field.


Let’s hope that we will be soon able to attend the field without all these regulations and retraction.


Ivan Chiselett

P&DARCS Secretary


P&DARCS 2020 AGM Results

Results of P&DARCS 2020 AGM



P&DARCS Committee


Bill Reynolds

Vice President

Don White


Ivan Chiselett


Peter Harris


Rob Till


Daniel Jenkins

Social Secretary

Don White

Field Manager

Craig Fitzsimons


Frank McPherson

Club Captain

Peter Harris

Facilities Manager

Norm Morrish

 Safety Officer

Glen Cosser

Ordinary Member

Steve Malcman

RIP - Helen Law

RIP - Helen Law


It is with sadness that I have to report this afternoon 10th September Helen Law passed away. The Committee wish to express our condolences to Barry and his family.



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